Eco-driven Initiatives

Green technology

Toshiba Group is promoting the development of ECPs* , which involves environmentally conscious product design, the assessment of environmental impact of products and disclosure of the environmental performance of products. Products in compliance with the Voluntary Environmental Standards for Products established in 1999 are certified as ECPs.
*ECP = Environmentally-Conscious Product

Green Procurement Initiatives

Toshiba Group has established the Green Procurement Guidelines, in accordance with the Regulations to Implement Green Procurement, while it has also been championing green procurement worldwide in cooperation with its suppliers.

Prior to the procurement of parts and raw materials, the ratios of environmentally harmful substances and scarce resources relative to the weight of procurement items have been checked. Toshiba prioritizes the use of parts and raw materials which are superior in terms of environmental impacts. We make it a rule to compile such information into a database and utilize the same for developing ECPs. Also, in determining whether new procurement items should be approved and existing procurement items replaced with others or not, Toshiba has conducted an investigation of the content of 24 substance groups in the procurement items.

Furthermore, in order to prove the results of investigation, efforts have been made to steadily clarify the chemical substances contained in products through the acquisition of analytical data of substances used in procurement items as required, as well as through the implementation of in-house chemical substance analysis. In efforts to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of this in-house analysis method, Toshiba has also been striving to develop and improve them.  

Approach to Using Recycled Resources

The Toshiba Group encourages the use of recycled resources, through which the consumption of new materials can be decreased. Specifically, the Group promotes material recycling, in which recycled plastics produced from waste plastics, which are generated from end-of-use products, etc. are used for new products. In FY2007, a total of approximately 1,300 tons of recycled materials were used as plastic materials for base plates of washing machines, digital multifunctional printers (MFPs) and others.  

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