Toshiba promotes environmental management, clarifying our intention to strive for environment conservation in the management principles and emphasizing the importance of environmental issues in our management. Recognizing the Earth is an irreplaceable asset and it is humankind’s duty to hand it on to future generations in a sound state, Toshiba Group contributes to the development of a sustainable society by pursuing creation of new values and symbiosis with the Earth, in accordance with Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision

Environmental Vision 2050

Toshiba Group is committed to promoting environmental management that helps people lead rich lifestyles in harmony with the Earth.

Resource Conservation

Recycled halogen-free plastic materials are used for 48% of total plastics. Structural analysis through three-dimensional CAD has reduced the weight by approximately 27% compared with the previous model.

Over the past century, while various technologies have been developed to make our lives more convenient, the need for us to act on global environmental issues, including global warming, has become ever more acute. However, if we are committed to addressing such problems with consistent innovations, we will be able to resolve these global environmental issues as well as creating new values. Based on this belief, we envisaged an ideal situation of “a world with all people leading rich lifestyles in harmony with the Earth,” and described this goal and how we would achieve it in the “Environmental Vision 2050.”

In order to create rich lifestyles in a world with an ever-increasing population, especially in developing countries, it is crucial to define the ideal situation as a goal, determine how to attain this goal, and completely accomplish what is to be done now. The key measures are to address the prevention of global warming, efficient use of resources and control of chemicals in order to ensure coexistence with the Earth. Based on these underlying principles, we are further committed to delivering technology and products with remarkable innovation and artistry - contributing to a safer, more comfortable, and more productive life, in order to achieve our Environmental Vision 2050.

The Environmental Vision 2050 aims to realise through two approaches: while the Energy Approach emphasizes the stable supply of reliable energy and mitigation of climate change, the Eco Products Approach focuses on creating new value in harmony with the Earth. In addition, action is taken on two standpoints - while Eco Process seeks to minimize environmental impacts throughout business processes, Eco Program is a concerted effort to tackle environmental issues in collaboration with Toshiba stakeholders.

Environmental Management

We are committed to strictly enforcing environmental management in Toshiba to promote the four key areas: Energy, Eco Products, Eco Process and Eco program.

1. Energy - We will supply a variety of power generation facilities and equipment, which will contribute to the stable supply of optimally-mixed energies and the prevention of global warming.

2. Eco Products - We will develop and provide Eco Products, which help reduce global environmental
impacts, via our unique “Factor” indicator, a framework that comprehensively evaluates the values and environmental impacts of products.

3. Eco Process - We will strictly enforce environmental management in our factories and other facilities to minimize the environmental impacts generated from our business and production.

4. Eco Program - We will promote activities focusing on communications and solutions, to ensure the safety of our stakeholders.


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