e-STUDIO Technologies

e-BRIDGE Architecture

The e-BRIDGE architecture is the core of the e-STUDIO technologies. It is an all-in-one controller technology that unleashes the full power and potential of the e-STUDIO Multifunction Printers while maintaining a user interface that is remarkably easy-to-use.

This architecture delivers a huge increase in processing power and speed allowing concurrent print, copy, scan and fax jobs as well as enabling a range of capabilities that will enhance control and security. e-BRIDGE delivers high speed and network readiness as standard to these digital MFPs.

The e-BRIDGE Open Platform brings office workflow automation and streamlining to the next level of integration. It links MFPs to the various back-end applications and systems in both directions, such as ERP, fax server, document management and more. It enables applications to integrate with the MFPs, simplifying workflows and transforming the way MFPs are used. Entire paper based workflows can take place directly at the MFPs. This is because it combines paper and digital document workflow (including all the features of the MFPs, such as scanning, copying, faxing and printing) into a process that’s managed via the network and integrated into the back-end platforms.

Human Centric Concept

Toshiba has a full line-up of e-STUDIO MFP models, customized to suit every office user’s need. These new line-up models are based on the “Human Centric” concept, developed from the e-BRIDGE architecture, making MFPs easier to use with reliability and high quality performance.

The e-STUDIO wide ranging line-up embodies this concept, with user-friendly capabilities that flexibly accommodate versatile office requirements. Through a comprehensive focus on user-friendliness, these series put people first.

Our human-centric concept goes beyond just operability in order to more completely meet the needs of real users in real-life office situations, helping busy people get the job done fast, by delivering fast colour output every minute.

There are even more robust and flexible security solutions that provide peace of mind for every user. With superb full-color image quality, every piece of coloured document pleases the eye.

With the latest green technologies, Toshiba e-STUDIO also helps safeguard mother earth for future generations.

Energy-conserving technologies

Twin IH (Induction Heating) fusing technology
IH Fusing was the world's first developed by Toshiba in the year 2000Twin IH fusing is an even greater advance -- with two separate IH coils on both sides of the unit so toner can be applied on the paper more evenly and more quickly, for remarkable energy savings.

Toner recycling technology
A combined paper dust removal and toner recovery system achieves 100% toner recycling and zero toner waste. Toner consumption is also reduced 15% by mixing fresh toner with recovered toner in a dedicated mixer.

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