e-STUDIO 255/305/355/355

  • World’s first eco-friendly MFP system that can erase images and text on the prints.
  • The e-STUDIO 306LP MFP combines with the e-STUDIO RD30 for removing the toner color from the printed documents
  • Cost-saving yet having a positive ‘green’ effect in the office today
  • Paper usage is reduced to one-fifth
  • Support copy and print speed of 30 ppm

 Product Brochure.pdf

e-STUDIO 256SE/306SE/356SE/456SE
  • 55% reduction in the system’s total CO₂ emissions.
  • The e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 houses Intelligent Green MFP Technology with the built-in erasing system, allowing users to refill their paper tray five times with the same paper
  • RD30 is able to sort paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time as removing the toner color, and to digitize the documents prior to erasing.
  • Lower ecological footprint of every e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 MFP
  • Incorporate bio-based plastics which are made from raw materials extracted from plants, into this innovative re-usable paper MFP. 
  • Helps enterprises to adopt business strategies that contribute to sustainable development. 
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