Why use originals?

It is more than just a genuine Toshiba toner cartridge you are installing. It is the result of Toshiba’s commitment to quality. Backed by a worldwide infrastructure and investment in innovation, product satisfaction is guaranteed. The quality and performance of Toshiba genuine supplies cannot be matched by remanufactured supplies. Users also enjoy a lower total cost of ownership of the e-STUDIO MFPs due to its lower maintenance cost.

Benefits & advantages

World-class Quality

  • Crisp, clean text for professional-looking documents every time
  • Precise gradation for sharp, easy-to-understand photos & graphics
  • Flawless smooth media without background fogging, smudges, specks or lines

Superior Performance

  • Optimum performance with all types of media
  • Precise interaction of drum, fuser, toner, cleaning blades and other components ensures maximum throughput at rated speeds

Highest Possible Uptime

  • Genuine Toshiba cartridges are guaranteed to work right out of the box
  • No downtime due to quality/reliability failures
  • Imitation/remanufactured supplies require much higher maintenance, leading to more frequent work interruptions and lower productivity

** Beware of imitation or remanufactured parts and supplies.
Even though they may say “for use in Toshiba”, third party supplies cannot match Toshiba’s quality standards. They do not undergo Toshiba’s stringent qualification and rigorous testing to ensure that all components work together in perfect harmony. In addition, they void your warranty. Always purchase from an Authorised Toshiba Distributor so that you can be sure you are not inadvertently installing imitation/remanufactured supplies, which can shorten product life, hinder productivity and finally damage your Toshiba e-STUDIO equipment.

As it is difficult to differentiate the Genuine Toshiba consumables and imitation/ remanufactured consumables, please safeguard your own interest by purchasing only from your local authorized distributors/dealers.


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